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Collectives are organised communities, made up of students from various equity groups at the University. Unlike clubs, Collectives are autonomous; that is, they are only open to students who identify as part of the equity group they represent.

Collectives are vital to the function of student associations, as they ensure that all student voices (including those from traditionally silenced or marginalised groups) are heard. Collectives provide important services for their members, and the wider community:


  • Community and networking: Through activities and social events, Collectives allow students from each equity group to find their peers, form support networks and build community.
  • Representation and advocacy, As peak representative bodies for their respective equity groups, Collectives are consulted on matters that affect these groups. They have a direct understanding of the experiences and challenges their members face, and may advocate or engage in activism on causes relevant to these.
  • Education, awareness and advice: Collectives are often called upon to advise members of the University community who seek advice on best practice, or on issues relevant to a particular equity group. They are uniquely positioned to educate others on the culture, experiences and challenges of their respective communities.

The Convener of each Collective is also a member of UNSA’s Student Representative Council, so all Collectives have a seat at the table, and help advise on the needs of students.